How Disney World Made Use Of The Internet Of Things

Visiting Disney World is a magical experience for people of all ages, but if you’re an adult it involves some stress as well. This stress is common travelling stress and can’t really be avoided… until 2013, when Disney introduced a new technology to make things much less stressful for their guests by making use of the internet of things. Disney’s Magic Bands is a great example of the internet of things in action. These bands can be used to enter hotel rooms, book tickets, access rides, pay for meals and charge to their accounts. This enables their guests to enjoy their vacation without having to carry anything more than their wrist bands. Click here to learn more about the benefits of the internet of things when travelling.

Arguably the best feature on the bands however, is the Fast Pass Plus. This enabled the guests to make bookings two months in advance of their scheduled trip. They could do all this on the internet and then use their wrist bands as proof of their reservation. Disney used the tech of the internet of things to make the Disney experience more magical for their guests. Other companies can do this as well. The travelling industry in general would do well to follow this example.

There are already certain companies in the travelling industry that have started to make use of the technology of the internet of things to increase their efficiency and the ease of their guests’ travels; airports most notably. Airports have started using the internet of things mainly to keep track of luggage and ensure that their customers get the best experience possible. In the future, it’s likely that all airports will be using the internet of things.