Why a portable escape ladder is perfect for story buildings

If you live in or rent an office space on a building that has at least four floors to negotiate, you could be in a position to manage your safety and risk management criteria. This is going beyond what the building’s owners should already be providing you in terms of safety, security and ensuring that your business premises are unaffected by what goes on beyond your rented premise’s walls. But to put matters firmly in your own hands, you will still need to have the right tools and measures in place.

Because, heaven forbid, what if a fire should break out one day. Do you and your building owner have an escape plan and route in place? Invariably, the answer is yes. But what if the fire escape route is blocked beyond your control. There is a way out. You can equip your family and/or staff with a portable fire escape ladder. This is putting into practice good risk management and safety and security measures. This is indicative of never overlooking any eventualities or potential for disaster.

The portable fire escape ladder measures thirty five feet long and can accommodate weights over one thousand pounds. It can fit a standard window sill wall up to ten inches in thickness. The ladder requires no assembly. Simply roll it out and escape. As a portable, compact emergency device, the ladder can be stored away easily in confined spaces. This is perfect for the bedroom scenario. When a disaster that requires exit from the premises, the ladder can be zipped out from under the bed and the occupants can proceed to the bedroom window without delay.

If necessary, sleeves and additional standoffs can also be purchased with the ladder.